Have you ever seen a black rat snake climb a tree?

First of all, I assume that if you were deathly afraid of snakes to the point that you couldn’t look at photos or videos of them without having nightmares, then you are not reading this sentence. Below you will definitely see both photos and videos of this beneficial snake.

There are many people that really like snakes, but I tend to be in the group that respects them and their purpose in the ecosystem, but I don’t want them coming into my house. It would be great if they would also set up their home somewhere away from my home so I don’t accidentally disturb them while mowing or taking out the trash.

Having said that, they are fascinating to watch when you come across them in the woods. As you will see by the video below, they don’t really enjoy paparazzi, so they will probably let you know when they have had enough of the limelight. Luckily I was able to move faster than he did, or I was at least out of range at that moment.

If you have never seen a black rat snake, there are plenty of sites that will help you with identification and will teach you more about them. As the title of this post suggests, the ground is only one of the many places that you can find them. Look up into the trees as you hike and you might catch a glimpse of its slithery shape.

Here is a photo of a juvenile rat snake that I found exploring the outer garage wall at my mom’s house.

Juvenile Black Rat Snake

Juvenile Black Rat Snake

Here is a photo of one of its parents (I’m assuming) that was headed in the same direction a few days later.

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake

Yes, they climb trees even if there aren’t any low branches to help it get started.

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake

Need further proof of their climbing skills? Watch the videos below that I filmed in Mingo Creek County Park.

Here is another photos from that same day as the videos above.

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake at Mingo Creek County Park


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