Eastern Redbud Tree – Cercis canadensis

The winter is over and the spring temperatures are finally arriving. Even though it is still cool outside, you go for a drive with the windows down. The warmer air is a welcomed break from the brutal arctic-like air from the previous months. Although the leaves are not out yet on the trees and the woods are still barren, there is one tree that takes the opportunity to draw your attention. It’s pinkish purple blossoms appear early and are a stark contrast to the grays and browns left over from the punishing winter.

You often wonder what type of tree this is as you rush down the highway to the office. The next road trip you take with friends reveals that others around you have had the same fleeting thoughts year after year.

This was my story until today when I took a moment to learn something new. It is now early September and the colorful blossoms are long gone, replaced with less desirable seed pods. It is still very warm and humid outside and my windows are rolled up with a different kind of arctic breeze blowing in my face. One of my neighbors had planted about 10 of these trees in his yard and I finally took the time to knock on his door and ask him what they were called. Mystery solved! They are the Eastern Redbud Tree. For more photos and information, you can click here.